Our mission is to Code a Better World using technology to bring out the true potential of every person, business and idea we come across.

Our focus…

Is on leveraging our team’s experiences and skills to rapidly deliver practical solutions and high quality software that is not just reliable and testable but is also measurable against your business goals and objectives — we call this Value Driven Development.

Our interests and our successes are deeply engrained in our your short and long term success. We are committed to working diligently, to understand your vision, your problems, and your unique needs so that we can use our experience to provide a great solution.

Our process…

Begins with understanding your business and your unique position. We will understand and bring to clarity the status quo and define where we want to get to. We want to build a mutually rewarding relationship with you — we want to be your partner.

During the execution phase, we leverage the power of modern software tools and practices. Working with an agile and lean management mindset, we provide transparency throughout the entire process,  iterative releases of working software while maintaining open communication.

Our process entirely focuses around delivering value and leveraging our knowledge, resources and relationships to drive the value on your project rapidly.

These folks have invested in their ideas. Are you next?

Working with James was a truly collaborative experience. He is a great team player and a great listener. His insights were extremely helpful and his communication was clear and well-informed. These are all crucial skills to have when deadlines are looming, and James not only delivered ahead of schedule, but he also surpassed our expectations for quality. The responsive landing page he developed for our project was absolutely perfect. I look forward to working with him many more times in the future.

Jimmy LazerLazers Lab Creativehttp://www.badrabbits.com

I can’t recommend James enough. He is an essential asset in both technical, and personal roles. Combining his always-positive attitude with his extensive knowledge of web development, it would be hard for a team to not succeed with him behind the steering wheel. As a tech lead, James offered support to all members without bias and approached each challenge with an open mind.

Bart BudakSenior UX/UI Developer

He approaches tasks with great technical knowledge and a desire to deeply understand problems. James cares about the quality of the team’s code, and seeks solutions that optimize processes and safeguard the performance and stability of applications and environments.

Mike SuszThe Weather Company

We’re a small team with a lot of heart.

James Simoes

James Simoes

Founding Partner