Our mission is to Code a Better World using technology to bring out the true potential of every person, business and idea we come across.

Our focus…

Is on leveraging our team members collective experience and skill sets to rapidly deliver high quality software that is not just reliable and testable in code but is able to be measured against your business goals — we call this Value Driven Development.

Our interests and our successes are deeply engrained in our clients short and long term success. We work hard to understand our customer’s vision, their problems, and their needs so that we can use our experience to provide you a great solution.

Our process…

Begins with understanding the problem and our customers.  We value our personal relationships that we build — we want to be your partner and team for life.

We leverage the power of modern software tools and practices. Working with an agile and lean management mindset, we provide transparency throughout the entire process, and we are able to react quickly to changing demands.

Our process entirely focuses around delivering value and leveraging our knowledge, resources and relationships to drive the value on your project rapidly.

We’re a small team with a lot of heart.

James Simoes

James Simoes

Founding Partner