Bits of Fun [Virtual party] – Adding Authentication using AWS

Heard of React? I’m sure

Heard of AWS? You’re not living under a rock so uh yeah

Need to add login functionality (authentication) to your app? yes, you do, of course you do!

Learn how easy it is and how little code is needed to get a scalable and very cost-efficient auth system baked into your app.

We’ll go over some basics but really show you the fun parts so you can start your on your own projects right away.

It’s Friday night, we’re all stuck at home. Put your time to good use and join the party.

If the stuff above makes no sense to you but your curious or have nothing to do, consider joining us — we’ll make you feel welcome.

Free for all members. No Patreon account is necessary but signing up as a Patreon is highly encouraged. 😎


When it’s time to join, use this link:


Not that this should matter to you but this event will be recorded and the content will be edited and published to YouTube.


Mar 20 2020


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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