Fall River Innovative Tech Meetup – PWAs and Cloud Deployments

Building a new app? Issues with deploying your existing ones? You wont want to miss this event!

Learn about PWAs (Progressive web apps) and how to continuously deploy and ship them to the cloud in 2019!

This is a limited seating tech talk featuring Mike Hartington, Google Developer Expert and Ionic Developer Advocate hosted at the most innovative space in Fall River. We look forward to hosting you!

“DevOps and Cloud: Better Together”, James Simoes, Senior Software Engineer @ Optum

“Progressive Web Apps! You may or may not have heard about them, but trust me, they’re changing the game. Blurring the lines between Web and Native, Progressive Web Apps offer the same deep integration as a native app with the ease of developing and deploying web apps.”, Mike Hartington, Angular GDE, Ionic Developer Advocate

An Art Show Opening and Taste Fall River 2019 is also happening in the area on this day so come out and join us for a fun filled and inspirational evening in Fall River!


Apr 24 2019


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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