Built in a day — How POCO plans to build and launch an app in a weekend

Building a mobile app is no small task. It can take weeks, months, even years pending on the scope of the project, the budget, and the client requirements. There’s dozens of moving parts that range from writing the business plan to designing the user interface and planning the marketing strategy. That all comes before the coding even actually begins. But, the guys at team POCO have said “meh, we’ll just do it this weekend”.

The concept is not new. Many entrepreneurs are familiar with the start up weekend. That’s an event where a team of people have 54 hours to plan and execute a business idea. What we’re now affectionately referring to as the “Hack-a-thon”is very similar. Team POCO will team with a talented group of students from UMASS Dartmouth starting on Friday, February 26 and have a presentable product by Monday the 29th.

As to What we’ll be building that weekend…

Ok, so I’ll eventually tell but be paying close attention to the POCO twitter account as I’ll be talking about the project for most of this week.