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Shopify Pre Orders

You can sell products that are out of stock or not available yet by setting them up as preorders. You can use preorders to help you forecast the demand for a new product that you’re releasing, or to create customer excitement around a new release. Depending on the preorder options that you offer, you can […]

What makes a great website?

When we think of a great website we may think of something visually appealing, stunning, and interactive. — Yes, no doubt that these elements are essential. Your website does need high-quality images, attention to detail, and be usable on various screen sizes. Your customers have come to expect nothing short of this. From my experience […]


Today we’d like to share with you an excerpt from Neil Patel & Bronson Taylor’s “The definitive guide to Growth Hacking“. We at POCO recognize that a large number of people who are interested in learning more about the field of software/internet development or perhaps are interested in engaging our services as developers are entrepreneurs. As such […]

How to learn to code the right way

  This article is meant to be a primer for anyone interested in learning the skill of programming.  However, we won’t be giving you any lessons on data types or control structures. Instead, we’ll be providing you with something much more valuable. We at POCO encourage everyone to give some type of programming a try at […]