What makes a great website?

When we think of a great website we may think of something visually appealing, stunning, and interactive. — Yes, no doubt that these elements are essential. Your website does need high-quality images, attention to detail, and be usable on various screen sizes.

Your customers have come to expect nothing short of this.

From my experience creating professional websites for businesses now for over 16 years — I have come to understand that most businesses can follow a certain framework. This framework has worked well repeatedly in these current web trends.

I’m going to share with you what I have found.

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The Formula

A great website usually pivots around one main goal or value proposition. This is generally followed by a call to action (CTA) and/or supporting evidence of the value proposition.

The value proposition and the CTA are usually above the fold – it is short and sweet and will tell the customer right away what makes you different from your competitors.

The best ones usually cover WHY you do what you do, not just WHAT you do. (a poor example is “PLUMBING & HEATING CONTRACTORS IN FALL RIVER, MA”, a good example is “EFFICIENT PLUMBING SYSTEMS STARTS WITH A GREAT DESIGN – We are Bristol County Top Plumbing Contractor”)

Start to think about this value proposition.

Below this section, we will either tell your story or provide info about WHAT you do to satisfy the problem you are solving with your VALUE PROPOSITION.

Next, we will further show proof, with photos and/or testimonials.

Along the way, the customer has the ability to complete the CTA by performing your site’s goals which will be to contact you via web form or pick up the phone and call you.

Based on your industry, what customers will expect to find on your site includes (not limited to) – relevant photos of your work, a contact form, a phone number and/or email address, testimonials, and a list of services that you perform.

The Bar of Success

Creating the right digital solution to meet an organization’s goals starts with understanding the goals.

Focus on making sure what is delivered is delivered for the right reasons.

We work closely with business owners and liaisons to understand and measure their website needs and goals.

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